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In the COPY command, the Option parameter may be one or more of several optional parameters. They must be preceded by a dash (-):

-A tells the system to copy only files that have the archive bit on. The system turns the archive bits in the original files off when the copying process is complete. This option applies to Business Rules! DOS versions only.
-C prompts for a diskette change if the disk is full.
-D omits deleted records from the copy, but responds only when used with internal files. It is important to rebuild all related index files after using this option.
-N prevents the screen from showing a log of performed actions.
-P causes scrolling to pause after a full screen of information has been displayed. (Press <CR> for next screen.)
-S option has been added to allow copying of a file which is currently open. The file to be copied must be opened for sharing (SHR or SHRI) if it is opened NOSHR, error 4148 (file sharing violation) will occur when COPY with the -S is attempted.
-V requires the operator to Verify each action before Business Rules! performs it.
-# represents output file record length. Internal file record lengths are shortened or expanded (with blanks) to match the number you indicate (version 2.04+). When specified with other options, the record length must always be last.