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The GoTo statement transfers program control to a specified line number or label. The GOTO statement not be executed from the command line. Error 1011 (Illegal immediate statement) will occur if such usage is attempted.


GOTO <line ref>


Comments and Examples

In the following example, line 320 transfers control to line number 45:

00045 start: !
00050 let a = 1
00060 let a += 1
00320 GOTO 45

The above example could be rewritten to use a label instead of a line number to transfer control. In the next example, where the GOTO points to a line label, control is transferred to the first executable statement after the label:

00045 start: !
00050 let a = 1
00060 let a += 1
00320 GOTO start


GOTO has one required parameter: the Line=ref can be either a line number or label. This is the line number or label that program control is to be transferred to.

Technical considerations

  1. See the ON GOTO statement for a method of branching to one of several lines depending on the value of a numeric expression.